Humans of WoW #003 — Maggie

“if they understand where you’re coming from, they understand you as a person.”

If you’ve ever had something tailored, you can appreciate the attention to detail it requires. The dedication to craft. Even if you haven’t had clothing made to order, Maggie may have been your tailor. In February 2022, the space was overrun with pink tuxedos, a movement unlike any the World of Women community had seen prior. This “seemingly simple piece of art” was born out of Maggie’s innate desire to create and connect. It drew a thread, not only within the WoW community, but through projects across the space. It told a simple story; that we can all come together to support something bigger. She and HoW co-creator Ben Blenner would go on to create over 500 pink tuxedos over the next several days, and telling stories became a passion of Maggie’s that would not soon fade.

Maggie will tell you that the business side of creating art and successfully marketing oneself is challenging. I believe her, but in speaking with her you wouldn’t know it. Her charismatic charm pulls you in, engages you.

Connecting with people is a core theme. As she puts it, “if they understand where you’re coming from, they understand you as a person.” To see this in practice, look no further than her project “The Book of Reverie”. While in it her PFP plays center stage, her personality is prevalent. Reverie moves effortlessly through themes, from landscape to landscape. You get the sense this is how Maggie navigates different ideas. She tells us she has notebooks full of them, just waiting for the right time. “Way too many ideas and not enough time”, she laughs. While Web3 may not be her primary occupation, this is anything but a hobby. She finds inspiration every day, everywhere she goes. The desire to create acting as an ever-present backdrop.

Maggie would rather be strolling the woods than in front of a computer screen, but the value of building relationships in Web3 is undeniable. It’s all about making the time. As a mom this is a precious commodity for her. She’ll admit that historically she may not have managed it as well, but parenthood has steered her to prioritize what matters. This includes nourishing her son’s own artistic talents. She smiles when she talks about it, even more than normal. Likely the same way her parents did when they supported her. She conveys her passion for artistic creation so honestly and effortlessly, you simply can’t help but get drawn in (pardon the pun). We can’t wait to see what fantastical world Maggie and Reverie explore next. We’ll certainly be following along.



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Humans Of WoW

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